As a family photographer, Summer and Fall are my favourite times of the year. They book up very quickly. I keep my sessions fun for the whole family. We will laugh together and play together and I may be silly, make crazy noises or get down on the ground and get dirty, but it is all for the perfect sweet smile… That’s what it’s all about!

We may do a little bit of posing for grandma but I mostly want to see you and your family play together and be yourself, capture you as you are interacting together and loving each other.  Your session is never rushed or hectic, I want everyone to have fun……even dad! This is all about you and your family and capturing those everyday looks, smiles and giggles that you always want to remember.

We offer three types of family photography sessions. The MINI which is great to try out a photographer or just a couple of images however there isn’t enough time or images for the full experience of what our family sessions are like.

MODERN FAMILY session is the perfect full family session to capture all the candid moments and still get a few posed for grandma.

Brady Bunch session is great if you are looking for a lot of images. It is also great if you were looking to do an extended family session because it has the most time and images .

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