Lets embrace the beauty of pregnancy instead of all the negatives we tend to focus on. You do NOT want to document this extraordinary journey in your life with a cellphone selfie . Freeze time for a moment and lets capture memories to last a lifetime.

When you book a session with me you don’t need to worry about what to wear. We have a maternity closet full of over 45 different dresses for you to choose from! The majority of our dress closet are hand made and designed in house. They are meant to fit every single shape and size.  We have many different styles to fit your needs!

Let me show you the beauty of pregnancy beyond the swelling, aches and pains. These images are pieces of art that you can showcase and pass along for years to come.

We offer a collection of maternity gowns for you to choose from and a variety of unique locations to suit your style. Should you want both a Maternity & a Newborn package we offer a bundle discount. Payment plans are available as well as Baby Shower Registration.

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