Baby Name Trends

    Over the past 8 years being a Newborn Photographer I have seen a full swing in the name trends each year .Choosing your baby’s name is a big decision. I know when I was pregnant with my daughter I had her name picked out “HARPER”  but a back up was STELLA. When she came out and I took one look at her I knew she was a STELLA and that became her name. 

    Over the years we’ve seen baby name trends of pop- culture , unique spellings . short names, place names. unisex name . In the past we would have multiple of the top baby names each month like  Charlottes, Max , Liam, and Olivias  In 2022 I’ve been having so many old school simple names like I grew up with like Michael , Dean , Tyler , Jaime , Rebecca, Jane ,

Ive complied a list of some of my favourite  names to help you find that perfect name you may be searching for !! The names aren’t gendered because many can be unisex. Share this link with someone you know who is  expecting. This has to be my FAVOURITE compilation of babies names. 

If you love that hippie Bohemian vibe like me some of my favourite names are

Kit, Harlow, Sutton , Ophelia, Otto, Ferris, Arden, Jude, Milo, Skye, Delilah, Beau, Barnaby, Indi ( indigo), Sage, Benet, Kimber, Finch, Fern, Koa, Clover, Paloma, Greyson, Wren, Phoebe, Hux, Hayes, Sable, Forrest, Sterling, Jet, Hazel, Olive, Isadora, Laken, Larken, Aspen. Dawson, Rio , Remi . Reed. Ivy, River, Willow, Violet, Birdie, Cruz, Cove, Kai, Cleo, Kade, Drew, Ridley, Sonnet, Deja, Talon, Corbin, Fawn, Leo, Eli, Piper, Opal, Isla, Juniper, Imogen, Wren, Nova, Oaklen, Forrest, Iris, Willow, Valley, Dovey, Goldie, Lottie

I also love old school Uk Names like

Jude, Theo,  Albie,  Noah, Nora, Luca, George, Teddy, Charlie, Isla, Sophia, Mila, Maya, Athena, Thalia, Cole, Evander, Primrose, Lorelai, Lilly, Foster, Fenton, Gideon , Milton, Oslo,  Ashford, Barlow, Colson, Palmer, Addison, Beckette, Campbell, Fallon, Griffin, Hudson, Mackenzie, Parker, Sullivan , Taylor, Dorthy, Genevieve, Irelyn, Hugh, Ottlia, Aurianna, Leighton , Lennon, Leilani, Dash ,Ora, Ethal, Maude, Gilbert, Della, Eloise,  Alie, Elenore, Piper, Marlow, Attley, Rhoades, Miller, Conley, Rowan, Tate, Anthony, Benton, Harlyn, Page, Wesson, Leona, Ledger, Hayes, Moira, Tenley, Paxton, Stella, Fredrick ( Freddy), Bentley, Elle , Oliver, Spencer, Jace, Finley, Carter Griffin, Alfee, Archie, Rory, Harriette, Clara, Victoria, Dottie, Belle, Cecilia, Pippa , Lottie, Bessie, Iva, Edith, Clark, Flora, Avery, Teagan, Bonnie, Mabel, Callie, Farrah, Camila, Cedric, Colin , Delaney, Vivienne, Octavian, Delphine,  Hugo




If you like

Olivia try Olianna,  Emma try Emrie,  Charlotte try Charlize,  Amelia try Ilaria,   Ava try Ora,  Sophia try SarinaIsabelle try Amabel.  Mia try Ria

If you like

Liam try LyleNoah try NovacOlivier try Quiller , James try Jace, William try Witten, Benjamin try Benson , Lucas try Larkin, Henry try Hardy

I love unique names like

Brinleigh, Camri, Avana, Elora, Laine, Rowen, Shayla, Kezie, Crew, Wilder,Wiatt, Ottilie, Viona, Harmony, Luna, Noelle, Moble Mavis, Hope, Rossi, Everleigh, Luana, Cambria, Vienna, Hensley, Ariella, Marley, Oakley, London, River-Lynn, Halley – May, Clara, Victoria, Elosie, Lillyana, Elienor ( Elie), Cohan, Esmea, , Roamy, Wells, Everette, Winter-Grace, Myka, Halston, Tatum, Skylor, Spencer, Rocco, Delany, Kendall, Hunter, Bella, Dannie, Cassie, Aubree, Preston, Cayson, Roman, Embry, Alora, Ario, Bristol, Briar,Blythe, Bellamy, Blayke, Fallon, Ridley, Sonnet, Sydney, Kingsleigh, Kove( KO-KO)

Weslyn, Maribelle, Elias, Saylor, Harper, Ledger – Hayes. Paxton, Emersyn, Asher, Loretto, Alya, Huxley, Viona, Riley, Bailey, Frankie, Parker, Milo, Levy, Lennox, Dove, Collette, Kirby, Blair, Beckham,  Blakleigh, Trueman, Micah, Ezra, Tatum. Langston, Colson, Foster, Enzo, Lex, Judson, Zyad, Nico, Dakota, Hayes, Aurora, August, Camilo, Briggs, Holden , Maple, Leo, Ray, Nixon, Holland, Reed, Lux, Zeke, Sawyer, Maverick , Dean. Kennedy, Adalynn, Winnie, Mateo, Nolan, Banks, Kenzo, Reese

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