Your Babies Story Is About to Begin!

A sweet tiny little babe all curled up in a basket of soft wool with a sweet headband or hat. Perched in a rustic basket or wrapped snug on a bed of fur is simplistic yet still replicating their position in the womb just a few days before.

You will never forget the first time you laid eyes on your daughter or the first time your son cried. These are truly magical moments. Those first few weeks seem to fly by  and each moment becomes a fleeting memory. Newborn photographers, like myself, photograph newborns between 5-14 days of age.

Newborn Photography is an investment in your memories. The concept of newborn photography is similar to the concept of wedding photography. You have one chance to capture that moment before it passes you by.


Custom photography is simply that… a custom experience tailored to suit you, your style, your personality and your needs. When I am contacted for a newborn photography session far enough in advance of your due date, I have the luxury of ordering props such as custom hats, headbands, blankets and props suited to your entire session.

Custom photographers spend many hours perfecting your images to create a unique gallery that truly makes our clients personalities shine through; a gallery that will preserve and incredibly important memory in your lifetime.

Most women book their newborn sessions in their 2nd trimester to ensure availability.

** Because of the on call nature of Newborn Photography I only take a limited amount of sessions per month.
You book for the month you are due and then once baby arrives we set up an actual session date within the first 14 days. 

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